CVF Capital Partners (“CVF”) was established in 2005 to provide capital to small and medium-sized businesses. Since its inception, CVF has targeted California and, in particular, its underserved Central Valley. While CVF remains the financial partner of choice for Central Valley business owners, the firm has grown to serve the entire Western United States, having invested as far north as the Pacific Northwest and as far east as Texas.

CVF’s capital is used to finance late-stage growth and expansion, strategic acquisitions, ownership transitions, and recapitalizations. CVF typically provides the layer of a company’s capital structure between senior debt and common equity, often referred to as mezzanine capital, in the form of subordinated debt and preferred stock investments. While CVF can invest as a majority owner or as part of a control equity group, it typically holds minority equity stakes.

CVF focuses on growing firms across the Western United States with at least $1 million in cash flow. Our target investment is between $3 million and $15 million, although we have strong partner relationships with other private equity firms and sponsors that can allow us to complete significantly larger investments.

For companies with a profitable track record that cannot obtain desired levels of bank financing, raising mezzanine capital has many advantages over raising additional common equity. For one, it is typically less dilutive than common equity, allowing existing business owners to maintain significant ownership. CVF prides itself on working with business owners to develop a capital structure that best fits their personal and business needs.

After the closing of an investment, we provide portfolio companies with significant personal attention—a rarity in this marketplace. Our partners have extensive private equity investing experience, having completed more than 150 private equity transactions collectively since 1985, as well as operating experience from having built and managed successful businesses. Drawing on this experience, we have assisted numerous business owners in growing and successfully exiting their businesses. To learn more about our team, please visit our Team page.

In addition to our private equity and business knowledge, CVF has unique experience in several important markets on the West Coast. CVF grew out of the opportunities available in California’s Central Valley and maintained a strong local presence, with offices in Davis and Fresno. Additionally, we have an in-depth knowledge of the Hispanic market with relationships with Hispanic business owners and investors throughout the United States and Mexico. We have made several investments in the Pacific Northwest and have developed a network of entrepreneurs, banks, and intermediaries in the region. To learn more about our investing style, please visit our Strategy pages.

CVF Capital Partners brings together a team with over 30 years of experience in successfully investing in the lower middle-market of the Western United States.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact us directly through our contact page.